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Heavy Left  for four snare drums and backing track was composed between 2013 and 2017. The solos were inspired by a rope tension drum clinic given by West Point Principal Percussionist, David Bergman. The work requires four different kinds of snare drums or at the very least four different head types/tuning schemes. Although the solos can be played separately, Heavy Left was composed as one work in four parts - a progression of sorts realized through the rudiments used, style of play, type of drum used and backing track soundsThe title and term, heavy left refer to the military commands, Left! Left! Left, right, left! used to keep the marching troops in step. This vocalization is also played, for greater projection, by the drummers of the band, the equivalent rhythm being, quarter (rest), quarter (rest), quarter, quarter, quarter (rest). The backing tracks build upon this device, at times in a straight-forward manner and other times more obscured within a groove.   

$30 for a 9x12 book of the complete work including an insightful foreword by West Point Principal Percussionist, David Bergman 

(shipping within the US included)

The solos may be purchased separately as PDF files. Delivered via dropbox.

$8 - Solo #1 (Muster)

$12 - Solo #2 (Funeral)

$12 - Solo #3 (Parade)

$10 - Solo #4 (Space Walk)


The backing tracks are available via dropbox, and include performance tracks and study tracks with a metronome click throughout. 

Please use the contact link/email for purchase enquiries. Paypal available.

Here is the work performed by Jesse Sieff of the "Commandant's Own" Unite States Drum & Bugle Corps.

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