Concert Music

Heavy Left (2017)


A set of four snare solos and backing tracks. Though the solos can be played separately, Heavy Left was composed as one work in four parts - a progression of sorts through the rudiments, style of play and type of drum.


This 9x12 book contains comprehensive information about each solo, detailed scores including backing track cues and clock counters to help with practicing and an insightful foreword by West Point Principal Percussionist, David Bergman.

It is performed here, in full, by Corporal Jesse Sieff of the "Commandant's Own"

 $30 - shipping within the US included - Available here 

Sample pages

Send & Receive (2017)

**Awarded by the Aries Composer Festival**


This trio version for 2 pc. and pn.

performed here by Pei Hsien Lu - piano, Chaeyeong Lee - keyboard percussion and Chaiyaphat Prempree - percussion

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Three Preludes (2004)


These trios for Vibraphone, Marimba (low A) and Timpani + Crotales are arrangements of Claude Debussy's Piano Preludes: Bruyères, Des pas sur la neige and Général Lavine. Performed here by the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music in Singapore under the direction of Jonathan Fox. Available at Tapspace.

Slowly, Agitated (2013)

**Awarded by the Great Plains International

Marimba Festival and the International Percussion Institute**

This is a two-movement work for solo marimba (5 octave)

I. Slowly, patiently and deliberately

II. Agitated, restless and relentless

Spiritual in five verses (2003 revised 2015)

**Awarded by the Solo & Chamber Timpanist's Initiative and selected by International Percussion Artist, Brent Miller**

This is an abbreviated version of the 1st movement from the larger work entitled "Soul Bowl." It is performed here by Australian Timpanist, Brent Miller

War Drum Peace Drum (2013)


Written for snare drum and electronic backing track, performed here by the composer. Available at Tapspace.

Stompin' in Seven (2002 rev. 2013)


A drum solo requiring a snare drum, a small, modified kick drum w/double pedal and hi hats, performed here by the composer. Available at Tapspace.

Crosswalk (2010)

A percussion ensemble for eight players, commissioned by the Center Grove High School Percussion Ensemble - Josh Torres, Dir. Premiered by the ensemble at the Midwest Band and Orchestra Convention, Chicago, Dec. 2010.

Available at Tapspace.

Until Morning Sings (2003 rev. 2013)


A percussion ensemble for nine players, including double bass/bass guitar, requiring the following instrumentation. The 1st movement performed here by the Stephen F. Austin High School Percussion Ensemble - Dir. Jordan Garza. Available at Tapspace.

Until Morning Sings


3rd mvt. performed here by the Punch Percussion Group.

Available at Tapspace.

Bolero's Blues (2017)

Commissioned by the Vandebilt Catholic High School Percussion Ensemble, under the direction of Brad Adams and Jacob Jennings. This uptempo bluesy piece is written for large percussion ensemble and gives a nod to Maurice Ravel's Bolero. 

Fond Farewell (2010 revised 2012)


This piece for clarinet soloist and wind band was originally written to celebrate the 26-year career of Victor J Andrew High School Band Director, Dan Romano. This revised version is performed here by the Southern Indiana Wind Symphony, under the direction of Eric Smedley. The soloist is Natalie Allen.

Pieces of Eight (1999 rev. 2002)


A percussion ensemble for eight players requiring: glockenspiel, crotales (two 8ves), three vibraphones, three marimbas (low A) and timpani (five drums). Performed here by the Northern Illinois University Percussion Ensemble. Available at Tapspace.

Pieces of Eight - original sketch

Performed here by the 1999 Santa Clara Vanguard Front Ensemble. Available at Tapspace

Love in the Time of Music - string orchestra

Performed here by the Eastshore Regional Orchestra at the 2019 Eastshore Orchestra Festival. Barney Blough conducting. Please use the contact link/email for purchase enquiries. Paypal available.

$65 for a PDF Score (9x12) and PDF parts (8 1/2x11)

$75 for a bound Score (9x12) and PDF parts (8 1/2x11). Free shipping within the U.S. 

Respite - Music for a gentler time - wind band

Performed here by the Clinton High School wind ensemble under the direction of Kevin Welborn.

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$75 for a PDF Score (11x17) and PDF parts (8 1/2x11)

$95 to ship a bound score (11x17) and PDF parts.

Free shipping within the U.S.

Send & Receive - percussion soloist and wind band

Performed here by the Symphonic Band of the Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University. Dr. Eric Smedley conducting, Professor Kevin Bobo - percussion soloist

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Paypal available.

$285 for a PDF Score (11x17) and PDF parts (8 1/2x11)

$325 to ship a bound score (11x17) and PDF parts