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Send & Receive  for percussion soloist and wind band was premiered at the Jacobs School of Music - Indiana University

Grade - 5 Advanced

Duration - Approx. 12 minutes


Send & Receive is based on the Morse Code premise of dash/long & dot/short utilizing articulation, note duration, rhythmic groupings and pitch groupings to musically illustrate the long/short concept. The work can simply be described as a series of vignettes found in a variety of musical environments (dance, lyrical, funky, march) all while demonstrating the concept. 


$285 for a PDF Score (11x17) and PDF parts (8 1/2x11) delivered via dropbox

$325 for a printed, bound and shipped 11x17 score and PDF parts (dropbox) - free shipping within the US

Please use the contact link/email for purchase enquiries. Paypal available.

Here is the premiere performance with Dr. Eric Smedley conducting the symphonic band and Professor Kevin Bobo, percussion soloist

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